The way of effective skin care

1. Skin cleansing regularly


Cleaning skin is a skin care regularly at home to wash away dirt, open pores especially after use cosmetics. you just use warm salt water 2- 3 times / day (note that incorporate facial massage and

patted to sebum are removed completely.

If you want to use cleanser, you should consult a specialist dermatologist.

Regularly face washing properly help facial skin healthy and prevent the formation of acne.


2. Exfoliating the skin


Regularly removing dead skin cells will eliminate the deep black horny layer on the surface, the surface skin is airy and bright smoother. You just use one little lemon juice to rub lightly on the face.

Note: do not use too much lemon because of acid content can make skin peeling and corrosion.




3. Use sunscreen when outdoors


One of the reasons for your face wrinkles appear is due to the sunlight. So to prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV), you should use sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors.




Note : you should consult a specialist dermatologist. Usually sunscreen

with SPF 30 35 is most suitable for all skin types.

In addition, you should also use sun protection measures like hats and shirts go sun, sunglasses. Use sunscreen even when there is no sun.


4. Facials with fruit mask


Fruit mask will provide necessary nutrients, nourish skin became smooth by time. This method is suitable for all skin types. However, to give the best performance, you should choose ingredients consistent with their own skin.

Typically, women preferred oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers (for dry skin), lemon, honey (for oily skin) and aloe (for acne skin)

You just need to choose natural materials, blending to form a mixture and apply to face. Let stand for about 20 minutes combined massage (for skin acne only to 10 15 minutes) and then wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

Performed 2-3 times /week

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