The best short hair styles 2016

Modern life makes you always want to minimize hair care stages or create your own youthful image, personalities and dynamic. So, the short hair style is suited than ever. Besides, the current short hair can still create a lot of different styles, it also overcomes disadvantages monotonous, boring. The best short hair styles 2016 below will help you to change your image to newer, younger and more dynamic.


1, To natural bob hairstyles

Simple and does not take time to care, to natural bob hairstyles, natural produce is also inflated bring style seems natural, not picky girlfriend.


This hairstyle has many styling way. You can cut in, bending the tail hugging tone trap or trimmed surface gently, curling or to natural light. Bob hairstyles are many beautiful bending Vietnamese tone trap trendsetters. If you’re lucky enough to own faces V-line you will be compatible with bob hairstyle.

2, Slightly curly hair style bob Korea

Beautiful curly shoulder-length bob hair style is Korean style shoulder-length hair gently but subtle accent in the middle section and tail curling hair was slightly ingenious, subtle, giving girlfriend a very attractive appearance and strange.


Especially with her generous personality, alternative and extreme nature, this is one of the fashion trends worth applying hair and do not forget this summer ignore it. There are many variations, so you can girls so spoiled for choice with your personality and your interests the most, attracted everyone’s gaze.


3, Short hair bending

the-best-short-hair-styles-2016-5Shoulder-length hair type bending tone trap appearance helped shine, elegant, and there are many ways to beautify hair. If you like the short hair style, but you can weigh shoulder length hairstyle offline to change the appearance, but still pretty sweet.



4, Short curly hair bangs deviation
Short hairstyles
bangs beautiful curling difference in hair fashion collections that we want to introduce the girls. Do you really youthful and lovely make choose for yourself a new hairstyle that’s it this short curly hair bending hairstyle for her gentle deflection. With this hairstyle will bring you the lovely and youthful.


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