How to have healthy and beautiful nails?

Have impeccable hands starts with having healthy and cared nails. And nails, as the skin and hair, need to be pampered.


A healthy lifestyle is essential to have beautiful nails. In fact repeated use of household products, nutritional deficiencies or poor care are often the cause of their poor health.

When damaged, the nails are quite simple to treat with elementary gestures and regular attention.

You have the bad habit of biting or they are naturally brittle, are doubled or are soft? To treat nail, use the good old homemade recipes to maintain and strengthen them throughout the year.

Oh yes ! In winter we often do not gifts and proves the fiercest season for our hands. The cold often dries and weakens at the same time. Pay particular attention to your nails in winter!

The feet are also prone to problems (fungal infections, ingrown nails etc.) that should be treated as soon as possible to avoid a more severe discomfort as a risk of infection.

If you have some free time, spin in a beauty bar where you will be pampered! Feel like a nail polish, a French manicure etc., your claws will come out perfect!

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