How to care for dry skin on the cold season from pole dermatologist standards

 The handicapped article is all things to understand and treatments for her dry skin during the cold season.

When winter weather with dry winds and low temperatures are also at the property her dry skin becomes ever more worrying because the skin will lack the tension ball, very rough and flaky unattractive. However, even if the appearance of your skin peeling skin flakes also can not determine the type of skin is dry or not. Along learn how to determine the type of dry skin care the most logical direction to get healthy skin smooth and soft in the winter to offline.



How to recognize dry skin

Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to protect, retain moisture in the skin is not lost. With dry skin, due to lack of oil necessary to protect the skin moist membrane inefficient activities leading to the skin becomes rough, peeling, wrinkles are being promoted appears. She the type of dry skin without proper skin care will make the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin decline and premature skin aging.

Dry skin will not secrete the oil or sebum. Because no oil makes the pores expands and can not nourish the bacteria in the pores clogged up the dry skin will have small pores and pimples never. In short, if your skin does not appear oil (ie the smaller your pores and pimples not until December or even the night, skin prone to flaking and irritation, then you possess dry skin types


The common misunderstanding about dry skin

Some of her problems pores and pimples, but sometimes that the skin often caused by peeling, cracking should think you’re the kind of dry skin. The truth is that the oil in the skin nourished bacteria leading to acne pimples though less appear. Current dry skin condition is not exactly your type of skin that are caused by improper skin care.

Some people also believe that dry skin is caused by not drinking enough water. However, even if you are drinking enough water can not change the type of dry skin but only partially improve the skin’s moisture.


The process of dry skin cares experts

Biggest causes dry skin that is used excessive exfoliation. Using the machine, considered excessive cleansing and manipulation too long, strong hand or using serum containing retinol, high acid concentrations, cleanser containing sulfate can also damage the protective layer of skin moisture and makes the skin dry.


Choose the appropriate cleanser

Stay away from products that contain sulfates cleanser (usually appears in the ingredients list, called lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate or). This quality surface activity and reduce the amount of oil in the skin, causing skin irritation very dry and more. We can say select cleanser is the most important step in dry skin care steps for cleansing with inappropriate products will take away the already meager moisture in the skin and causes the cells to die easily emerge skin causing rough skin, more easy peeling.




Moisturize immediately after cleansing

After cleansing, use the non-alcoholic toner to balance the pH of the skin by moisturizing cream immediately to offset the moisture has been reduced to wash your face .. If you do not moisturize the skin more than 1 minute after washing the face, under the skin moisture loss quickly and the skin becomes dry. Always remember to use the toner to soften the skin before applying cream to regain skin firmness and ideal pH before you start applying moisturizer.



  1. Do not ignore night cream

Some people do not use skin cream night because he wanted to be, but actually breathing the night cream is very important for dry skin. Night creams or lotions may not be a sun protection factor is suitable for drier skin. At night, when the skin is resting at the highest permeability, enabling the beneficial active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin.



  1. Machine mist humidifier is a best friend

In winter or in areas with dry climates, you should be equipped with a humidifier in the room just to protect the health of the nose, throat just to maintain the necessary humidity in the room is not dry and rough skin, chapped uncomfortable.


  1. Use extra serum

To provide more effective moisture, you should put the product into the cycle moisture serum levels daily skin care, used before moisturizer. Serum hyaluronic acid containing a safe choice and suitable for dry skin due to excess water retention, help maintain youthful skin soft despite the cold weather like.

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