Healthy Skin – How to Repair Damaged Skin-Naturally

Beautiful, young and healthy skin to the mature age, who does not dream? But only about twenty percent of our genes shape the complexion. Through a healthy lifestyle and the right skin care for your own type you can do for yourself much healthy skin.


A beaming smile is ageless, our skin but it is not: With increasing years it changes. Those who had to contend with 15 Arg with acne and pimples, of course, was pleased that the acne problem with the end of puberty triggered almost by itself.

However, the skin changes continue – not only between childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Whether we as part of the natural aging of the skin prone to early wrinkles, have a rather dry or oily skin, however, depends on only about 20 percent of our genes. A far more significant external and internal factors that we can influence, however well some preventive measures and care.


Skin with traces of lifestyle
Enemy number one of the skin is the sun: Consistent UV protection is therefore the best support for a smooth skin. Make early that your day cream contains a light UV filter. And do not skimp on all outdoor activities with sunscreen.
More controllable skin enemies are sleeping and dehydration, nicotine as well as a one-sided, ie vitamin and low-fat diet. Again, you can even with small changes positively contribute to longer look young: often times go to bed early, stay away from cigarettes and drink 1.5 liters of water a day and eat vegetables and fruit.

But constant stress is literally under the skin, as this is increasingly cortisol formed. The hormone not only affects blood pressure and blood sugar. It is also considered agers for the skin because it can make you thinner.
Worry. For relaxation and an active stress compensation, z. B. by regular sports A positive side effect: Whoever brings up a sweat through exercise, improves skin circulation and the natural skin hydration.
But there are also internal factors that have an influence on our skin and are closely connected to our age. From about 30 have different skin functions slowly. An intensive moisturizer helps but to strengthen the skin barrier. First wrinkles appear around especially around the eyes, here is doing extra care well.

Healthy skin care for wrinkles
From about 40 natural fat and oil production decreases, the skin barrier gets thinner, the skin more sensitive. At the same time, the metabolic processes slow down in the cells, the connective tissue is weaker. Visible result: the facial contours sag slightly, from small wrinkles are first wrinkles. Your care must now turn out rich, anti-aging ingredients and scrubs, stimulate cell renewal and collagen production may slow down the loss of tautness.

Hormonal changes with the beginning of 50 also have an effect on the skin. Does the production of the female sex hormone estrogen from the skin increasingly loses elasticity and resilience. The moisture retention declines further. Here you can help out from the outside with a suitable cream. Phytohormones can compensate for deficiencies.
With 60+ negligence can be felt in the skin care: In order to avoid dryness eczema, you should thoroughly apply cream twice a day from head to toe. Deeper wrinkles can now wegmogeln only by expensive dermatological treatments. But a dazzling smile is free, and it makes every woman look younger instantly.

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