Five steps to have Beautiful Nails and Impressive

Inspired motifs on gowns by designer Stella McCartney. The combination of religious foundations and gown will add to your beauty. Here are 5 steps to paint nails beautiful and impressive that I want to share to you.

Step 1: Paint all nails with orange


nail care

Step 2: After the primer has dried, using a detail brush, create an exaggerated moon shape with black



beauty nail

Thus we have completed one half of work


paint nails


Step 3: Fill in the black outline with color. Use dark green and pale pink to draw up floral motifs



Step 4: Using a small paintbrush, you draw more detail unique to strengthen their nails



And here is the result, after 15 minutes we will have a beautiful nails application standard and not very nicely




You will look stunning when combined with dress designer Stella McCartney’s


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