Effective ways to reduce intensive lips at home

Pink lips, bright always create a special attraction for both women and men list. However, due to many factors from sunlight, smoking habits, consumption of caffeinated drinks, use of poor quality cosmetics, allergies or hormonal imbalances can cause your lips become dull and less intensive .


intensive lips

Intensive lips, rosy discoloration faster and smoother morning if you frequently apply the simple beauty measures that effectively following.

  1. Lemon

Uses: take lemon juice rub all over on the lips before bed every day. performed from 1 to 2 months of Intensive lips will be improve.

To be effective quickly, you can cut the lemon into thin slices, sprinkle with a little sugar, and rub directly on the lips. Lemon will help remove dead cells, making fresh lips than if applied daily for several weeks

Additionally, you can also mix 1/2 teaspoon mixture of lemon juice, a little glycerin and honey, apply to lips before sleeping and wash it off with warm water.

  1. Rose

A-rose-is-a-rose-roses-17694669-1640-1416Rose brings a unique skincare effect reserved for women, which must include utility of Intensive lips. Rose has a calming effect, cooling, moisturizing and pink lips increases

Making: 1 drop of rose water mixed with a few drops of honey and apply it on lips of about 3-4 times / day.

Mixed 1 tablespoon roses, 1 tablespoon butter, honey and milk and apply it on lips 2 times/week.

  1. Honey

the-amazing-benefits-of-honey1Pink lips make simple way is to use raw honey applied on lips, to overnight, then rinse with warm water

If you want to be effective and help moisturize lips brighter, you can apply the paste mixture consisting of 1/2 teaspoon of yogurt, honey and flour applied to the lips for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.


  1. Cucumber

cucumberJust rub a slice of cucumber on the lips gently for about 5 minutes a day. Abundant water in the cucumber will help your lips soft, smooth skin next to more efficiently bright.



  1. Water

downloadDrink 2 liters of water a day will help your lips look fuller and ruddy skin more


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