Cat Eye Makeup Tips – Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial Cat Eyeliner

Cateye attractive girl with an expression of where the eyes are sharply curved and ever broaching scooped perfect fit eye frame. The girls have always loved and wanted her cateye guys are really sharp eyes really fascinated by many different tricks.



Use stiff card

The bank card, business card, visa card,…┬ácan be used in this tip.


cat eye make up

Use eyeliner along the edge card guys to create beautiful part Staggered wing. Then continue using eyeliner bowl line has connected with the upper eyelid.


You use a long piece of adhesive tape 3 – 4cm and do the same as with other types stiff card



Drawing of claim

Instead of constantly a line of eyeliner and easily slipped in the process guys, you can put the points along the eye and then use eyeliner to match point.



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